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“An Exercise Program for Individuals with Lung Disease: Rationale and Programming”

An excellent manual written by Dr. William F Brechue with programs designed for those with lung disease. It has 70 pages and includes:Flexibility Program, Resistance Exercise Program, Machine Program, Dumbbell Program, Calisthenics Program, Aerobic Exercise Program.

PRICE:  $10.00 each (Postage Included).


The Shelter of Rainbows by D. Brolhl & A. Remillard (2006)  ($20.00)                        

This is a collection of short stories about healthcare workers who believe that medicine should not be a business of finances and insurance, but a matter of tending to the patient’s body and spirit. The authors  present tales that are inspirational as their  healthcare workers demonstrate hope, love, and laughter and their going beyond the call of duty to care for their patients (transplant & others). This is a perfect gift for any member of the healthcare team.