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AirWays is published six times per year by the Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc. by and for lung transplant candidates, recipients, caregivers, and transplant professionals worldwide. We welcome all contributions to the newsletter; however, we reserve the right to edit submissions. We appreciate our members’ help in obtaining donations to support the Second Wind Lung Transplant Association.

General Information
Membership in Second Wind includes a subscription to AirWays. To join or change your address please contact Second Wind via postcard, toll free phone (1-888-855-9463).

If you are a member of Second Wind Lung Transplant Association we offer on-line access to our newsletter, AirWays. On our web site menu you can either clicking on the word AirWays or click on News then select AirWays. You will be asked to supply your ‘Member Search’ Username and Password. If you don’t remember your Username and Password send an email to our webmaster, Dan Cihon at and he will email it to you. You will need ‘Adobe Reader’ to view the AirWays newsletter(s). If you need ‘Adobe Reader’ you can download it here:
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A Word of Caution
Every attempt is made to print accurate technical/medical information from reliable sources. We would not knowingly present erroneous information but because of time and technical constraints it is not possible to check all submitted information.

Articles printed in this newsletter are for general information only and not meant to be taken as professional medical advice. Each individual’s situation is different and information in the newsletter may or may not apply to you or your circumstance. It is your responsibility to discuss any information herein with your physician to determine whether it is beneficial or deleterious to your health.