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In 2001, the Board of Directors of Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc. approved the creation of a new position for the organization. This new position is that of Transplant Center Liaison. The position will be filled by a post transplant Second Wind Member who was transplanted at, or is being treated by the center. A member’s caregiver may also serve as a liaison.

It is our hope that there will be a Liaison for each of the lung transplant centers in the United States. This position is one of the most important positions in the organization. It helps to eliminate some of the disadvantages caused by the numerous geographical locations of our members and will give Second Wind a local presence at each lung transplant center.

We invite you to consider serving Second Wind as the Liaison for your transplant center. Please read the Job Description below. If you are interested, contact your center’s medical director, nurse coordinator, or social worker and discuss with them your desire to be the Second Wind Liaison for your center. Mail, fax or email your transplant center the Endorsement Form and the Job Description found below. They are instructed to complete the form and return it directly to Second Wind.

Once you have provided your center with the endorsement form, complete and submit the application form below.

All submitted applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of Second Wind Directors and you will be notified of their decision.

Questions about the Transplant Center Liaison program should be directed to: Tom Nate, at



We have provided the application form in both printable and electronic formats. Please submit only one application.

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