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Second Wind Lung Transplant Association

Member Benefits

Benefits provided exclusively to our members include:

AirWays” – AirWays is a publication devoted entirely to information regarding lung health and transplantation.  It is printed four times per year and mailed directly to your address on file.

Past issues are also available on the web site. Click here.

AirWays includes articles from transplant doctors on various topics including medications and new advancements.  Articles are also submitted by Second Wind members on subjects such as meeting your donor family, tips to stay healthy, and adventures and accomplishments since transplant.

Member Directory – Second Wind maintains an online Member Directory (Member Search) of lung transplant recipients and candidates which is available on our web site to all members in a password protected area.  It is intended to be used for information and support purposes.  If you wanted to locate other members in your State or in your Transplant Center, you can search the data base on individual fields such as transplant center, disease type, or State.  Participating in the Online Member Directory is voluntary.

Mailing List Archives – Online archive of all posting to the Mailing List (explained below) which can be searched for specific information.

Peer Support Group – The Second Wind Peer Support Program for lung transplant patients and their caregivers  is based on the concept of over coming the  sense of being alone.  The knowledge that others  have survived the experience and are available to discuss and offer guidance and strategies is both helpful and reassuring.  Read more…

Our Website –  The Second Wind website is available to anyone needing support including those who are not Second Wind members.  Although we certainly hope that everyone who becomes part of our community will officially “join” our group, the following two benefits are available without membership:

Email Support Group – Second Wind maintains an online support group consisting of over 200 subscribers who are waiting for a lung transplant, have had a lung transplant, or are the caregiver for a lung transplant candidate or recipient.  Questions, comments and experiences are posted in an email type format.  You can ask any question that you might have and receive meaningful answers from someone who has been there.  If you don’t want to post questions yourself, you can still read the posts from other members.  Typically there are about 5 – 10 posting per day and you may receive them either individually or in digest format which sends all of the postings from the previous day in one large message. Please contact Tom Nate via email ( in order to be added to the group.

Summary – If you have been affected by lung transplantation, you have come to the right place for support. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact any of our board members.