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Books about Transplantation (most are available at or your local bookstore)


Coutre, K. (2001) The lung transplantation Handbook (2nd edition): A guide for patients. Trafford Publishing

Festle, M. (2012). Second Wind: Oral Histories of Lung Transplant Survivors. Palgrave Macmillan Publishers.

Graf, T. (2014).  The gift of life. Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books.

Green, R. (2007). The gift that heals: Stories of hope, renewal and transformation through organ and tissue donation. Bloomington, IN: Author House.

Pasick, M. (2019). A Mayo miracle: Our life altering journey beating Alpha-1 against all odds. Kindle Digital Publishing (

Pearsall, P. (1998). The heart’s code: Tapping the wisdom and power of our heart energy. New  York: Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.

Fredrickson, K. (2018). Pulmonary Fibrosis journey: A counselor and a fellow patient walks with you.   Rosewell, CA: Fredrickson Publishing.



Cuenin, C. (2014). The way I walk: From tugboat to transplant. Suquamish, Washington: First      Arrow Publishing

Moose, C. (2005). The grateful heart: Diary of a heart transplant. Cold Spring Harbor, NY:          Rosalie Ink Publications

Silverstein, A. (2007). Sick girl. New York: Grove Press

Sylvia, C. (1997). A change of heart. New York, NY: Warner books.

Tillemann-Dick, C. (2017). The encore: A memoir in three acts. New York: Simon & Schuster:     Atria Books.

History or Ethics

Fox, R. & Swazey, J. (1992). Spare parts: Organ replacement in American society. New York:     Oxford Press (classic).

Mezrich, J. (2019). When death becomes life.: Notes from a transplant surgeon. New York:           Harper Collins     Publishers.

Tilney, N. (2003). Transplant: From myth to reality. New Haven: Yale University Press.


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