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The Second Wind Email Support List is a listing of approximately 250 subscribers who are waiting on a lung transplant, have had a lung transplant, or are the caregiver for a lung transplant candidate or recipient.

As a subscriber, you can ask any question that you might have and receive meaningful answers from someone who has been in your shoes. Even if you are too timid to actually post a question to the group, you can learn many helpful things by just reading the various email postings.

This is not a professional advice forum so we do not give medical advice.  The list is your portal to others in the lung transplant community.

While we would certainly hope that you would want to become a member of our organization, you can subscribe directly to the Email Support List without being a member of Second Wind.

If you are interested in joining this list or have a question about the list, send an email to:   Tom Nate, Manager, of the Email Support List at

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