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The Second Wind Peer Support Program for lung transplant patients and their caregivers  is based on the concept of over coming the  sense of being alone.  The knowledge that others  have survived the experience and are available to discuss and offer guidance and strategies is both helpful and reassuring.

A peer provides support and education for a patient or a caregiver through telephone calls or emails as preferred by the lung transplant patient.   This one-on-one communication with another transplant patient offers an individualized, highly personal account of the transplant process.  Rooted in their own experience, the Peer answers questions related to lung transplantation and provides support and encouragement with every step of the journey. 

Peer Support Team Members are recruited from Second Wind members or can volunteer to serve. To qualify you must be at least one  year post transplant and in compliance with your medical care requirements.  Caregivers will follow the same requirements. 

If you would like to serve as a member of the Peer Support Team or to request that a member of the team contact you please contact Coordinator Patrick Henry at or call our toll free help line 1-888-855-9463.   

No one needs to walk the transplant road alone

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