Second Wind Lung Transplant Association

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Street Address9500 Euclid Avenue Desk A100
Cleveland, OH 44195
800 Number800.223.2273
Fax Number
Accepts MedicareYes
Allow Dbl ListYes
Lung Re-TxYes
Living Lobar TransplantationNo
Date of Last Update03/31/2023
Surgical DirectorKenneth McCurry, M.D.
Medical DirectorMarie Budev DO
Team Doctor(s)Marie Budev D.O.
Olufemi Akindipe, M.D.
Charles Lane, M.D.
Carli Lehr, M.D.
Shruti Gadre, M.D.
Atul Mehta, M.D.
Wayne Tsuang, M.D.
Jason Turowski, M.D.
Lauryn Benninger, D.O.
Sameen Sehgal, M.D.
TX Coordinator(s)Caitlin Ailoae, RN MSN
Robin Blanco, RN BSN
Nora Herceg RN MSN
Shannon Finnegan RN BSN
Kristy Hoffman, RN BSN
Ashley Moore, RN BSN
Lousie Ratkovsky, RN BSN
Catherine (Cat) Brusko, RN BSN
Social WorkerBeth Hyland LISW, Nicole Reagan LISW, Sara Hill LISW
Pulmonary Rehab ManagerScott Marlow RTT
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Tom Nate, President

Patrick Henry, 2nd Vice President

Ruth Magnus, Secretary

Gary Bland, Director

Eric Harned, Director

Melissa Burke, Director

Pat Libens, Director

Tracy Linebarger, Director

Renae Woods, Director

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