Second Wind Lung Transplant Association

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Street Address622 West 168th Street PH-14 Rm104
New York, NY 10032-3784
800 Number
Fax Number
Accepts MedicareYes
Allow Dbl ListYes
Lung Re-TxYes
Living Lobar TransplantationNo
Date of Last Update05/03/2023
Surgical DirectorFrank D'Ovidio, MD
Medical DirectorSelim Arcasoy, MD
Team Doctor(s)use Benvenuto, MD
Harper Grewal, MD
Gabriella Magda, MD
Hillary Robbins, MD
Lori Shah, MD
TX Coordinator(s)Carlo Balthazar, RN
Jamie Hum, DNP
Genevieve Rielly, FNPC
Margaret Nolan, DNP
Hanyoung Kim, RN
Jennifer Moses, RN
Angela Mazzocchi, PA
Tamara Garner, RN
Julia Sze, RN
Altagracia Taveras, RN
Inna Yampolsky, PA
Social WorkerMelinda Green
Pulmonary Rehab Manager
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Tom Nate, President

Patrick Henry, 2nd Vice President

Ruth Magnus, Secretary

Gary Bland, Director

Eric Harned, Director

Melissa Burke, Director

Pat Libens, Director

Tracy Linebarger, Director

Renae Woods, Director

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