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It’s possible that none of the listed funding sources can meet your needs completely. The amount and the terms of insurance differ. There may be many costs not covered, including transportation, food and lodging for the patient and family, child care, etc., can mount up at an alarming rate. These are just some reasons that patients and families often use public fund raising to help cover the costs.

While fund raising can provide needed funds, go with caution and plan very carefully before you begin, there are many legal and financial issues to consider. If you and your family have been accepted for Medicaid benefits and funds are raised for you, the donated money might be counted as income or an asset. You might lose your eligibility. State authorities enforce these eligibility regulations because they are the law. A close working relationship with State Authorities is very important.

Before you start accepting donations you should have some place to put them, such as a trust fund or special account. The collected funds must never be mixed with your personal or family money. State and local laws vary so you may want to seek the advice or assistance of an attorney. It is a possibility that donated money can be placed with one of the advocacy/charitable organizations. You will need a clear written agreement that the charitable organization is to use the money collected to the benefit of the patient needing the transplant.

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